Professional Activity

(1) Editorial board
Contemporary Economic Policy, Journal of International Economics and Economic Policy, Global Economic Review

(2) Referee for academic journals
American Economic Review; Econometrica; Economic Studies Quarterly; Economica; International Economic Review; Japan and the World Economy; Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control; Journal of International Economics; Journal of International Money and Finance; Journal of the Japanese and International Economies; Journal of Money, Credit and Banking; Oxford Economic Papers; Pacific Economic Papers; Quarterly Journal of Economics; Review of Economic Studies; Southern Economic Journal.

(3) Membership
American Economic Association; Western Economic Association; Japan Association of Economics and Econometrics; Japan Society of International Economics.

Keynote Addresses and Speeches

· “Challenges of Asian Trade.” Keynote Address, Boao Forum for Asia: Asia FTA Forum 2013, organized by the Boao Forum for Asia, Qingdao, 20 June 2013.
· “Asia’s Sustainable Economic Development.” Keynote Address, USM-AUT International Conference 2012, Sustainable Economic Development: Policies and Strategies, Penang, 17 November 2012.
· “Reform of the International Monetary System: An Asian Perspective.” Keynote Speech, Conference on Post-Crisis Restructure of International Financial System: The Role of Asia, jointly organized by the Institute of Finance and Banking of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Korea Capital Market Institute, Beijing, 8 December 2011.
· “Regional Financial Cooperation in Asia: The Post-Global Financial Crisis Agenda.” Keynote Speech, Asian Financial Cooperation and the Development of Shanghai as an International Financial Center, the 3rd Shanghai Forum on Asian Financial Cooperation, organized by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai, 26 August 2011.
· “ASEAN 2030: Growing Together for Shared Prosperity.” Luncheon Speech. ASEAN Trade Facilitation Forum, Parallel Event of the 43rd ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting, jointly organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, and US Agency for International Development (USAID), supported by the US-ASEAN Business Council, Manado, 13 August 2011.
· “The Evolving Global Aid Architecture: The Development of Global Partnerships.” Keynote Address, Workshop on the Evolving Global Aid Architecture, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea, Seoul, 1 December 2010.
· “Infrastructure Development in Asia: The Role of PPP.” Keynote Speech, Fifth International PPP Forum, organized by Toyo University and The Nikkei Shimbun, Tokyo, 30 November 2010.
· “Asian Development Cooperation.” Keynote Speech, First Asian Development Cooperation Meeting, co-hosted by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Export-Import Bank of Korea, and the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, with support of the Korea Development Institute, Seoul, 19 November 2010.
· “The Global Financial Crisis and Subregional Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia.” Keynote Speech, 2010 Northeast Asia International Conference for Economic Development, organized by the Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia, Niigata, 25–26 January 2010.
· “Asia’s Contribution to Global Economic Adjustment.” Keynote Speech, Third All China Economics International Conference, organized by City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 14 December 2009.
· “Can Asia Work Together?” Speech, Second Global Business Outlook for 2010 Conference, convened by Oxford Analytica and International Herald Tribune, Singapore, 1-2 December 2009.
· “Global Financial Crisis and Japan–ASEAN Economic Cooperation.” Keynote Speech, 8th Japan-ASEAN Dialogue “Japan-ASEAN Cooperation amid the Financial and Economic Crisis,” organized by the Global Forum of Japan and ASEAN Institutes of Strategic and International Studies, Tokyo, 11 September 2009.
· “Toward a Sustainable Low-Carbon Society in Asia: The Role of International Development Cooperation.” Panel Speech, International Workshop “Toward Low-Carbon Society: Japan Scenarios and Asian Challenge,” organized by the National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba, 13 February 2009.
· “The Global Financial Crisis and Asia.” Keynote Speech, Policy Dialogue at the European Policy Centre, in cooperation with the Sasakawa Foundation, as part of the “Asian Voice in Europe” series, Brussels, 19 January 2009.
· “The Global Financial Crisis and Asia’s Economic Integration.” Luncheon Speech, International Conference “The Future of Economic Integration in Asia: Challenges amid Global Financial Turmoil,” Bangkok, 20 November 2008.
· “Asia-Europe Economic Relationships: Prospects and Challenges.” Luncheon Speech, Asia-Europe Business Forum, Beijing, 22 October 2008.
· “Asian Economic Integration: Trends and Prospects.” Keynote Speech, High-level Symposium on Asian Economic Integration, Singapore, 4-6 September 2008.
· “BRIICS Economies: Prospects and Challenges for Globalisation.” Keynote Speech, 2008 Global Forum on Trade: Globalisation and Emerging Economies, Paris, 25-26 June 2008.
· “The US Subprime Fallout and East Asia’s Economic Challenges.” Keynote Speech, 4th Network of East Asian Think Tanks (NEAT) Conference on East Asian Financial Cooperation, Shanghai, 12 April 2008.
· “Policy Coordination for Effective Macroeconomic Management in East Asia.” Luncheon Speech, Claremont-KIEP Workshop “Capital Flows, Macroeconomic Management and Regional Cooperation in Asia,” Washington DC, 30 November 2007.
· “Asian Bond Market Development: Progress, Prospects and Challenges.” Keynote Address, High Yield Debt Summit Asia 2007, Singapore, 16-17 May 2007.
· “Regional Financial Cooperation in East Asia: Progress, Opportunities and Challenges.” Special Lecture, Second DICJ Roundtable, organized by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan, Tokyo, 8 March 2007.
· “Asian Bond Market Development: Progress, Opportunities and Challenges.” Luncheon Speech, Asian Bond Markets Summit, Singapore, 14 November 2006.
· “Asian Economic Integration: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities.” Distinguished Speaker Series, Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada, Vancouver, 13 October 2005.

Presentations in Symposiums, Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars

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